Sherwood Hills Swim Club Inc. "Bringing Families Together"
Sherwood Hills Swim Club Inc.   "Bringing Families Together"

About Us

Sherwood Hills Swim Club, Inc.

Hours of Operation

Please refer to your emails that include the 2017 operating schedule.


             BOARD MEMBERS:                                             

      President: Alan Bridgman                

      Vice President: Tami Lee             

      Treasurer:Amber Bridgman                 

      Secretary: Kimberly Gilmore

      Membership: Claire Sears

      Maint: Alan Bridgman

      WebMaster: (OPEN)

      Swim Team: Tami Lee                              

      Entertainment: (OPEN)   


I would like to welcome back all previous members and extend a welcome to our new members.  We are glad to have you and hope you enjoy your summer.  As you know, we are a non-profit organization working for the benefit and enjoyment of all members. 


Volunteers are the heart of our organization and we appreciate all those who volunteer their time and talents to help make our club a better place.  All members have a stake in the operation and continued success of our club and although we may not thank you personally we appreciate everyone who lends a hand whether it be with spring cleanup or in other ways.


Please let one of our board members or lifeguards know if you are intrested in volunteering to help us make Sherwood Hills a better place.


  The pool is fully staffed with at least three lifeguards on duty at all times.  Our guards are trained to monitor the pool and surrounding areas to assure you and your family a safe relaxing visit.  Please be aware that parents of small children should ALWAYS keep an eye on their children and if if your child is not a proficient swimmer they should have limits on how far they may travel in the pool.  Our pool goes from a depth of 3 feet to a depth of 5 feet and also has a diving well that is 12 feet deep.  ALL persons who wish to utilize the diving well must pass a swim test indicating their swimming ability prior using the diving board.  See a lifeguard to take your swim test.   



Entertainment:  Get involved in your summer activities and festivities. Help Decorate, organize games/contests, donate prizes, and create




We are trying to update our records.  If you do not currently receive pool email communications and would like to be added to the list send us an email with your current email address, or stop by the guard house and provide your updated information .


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