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Sherwood Hills Swim Club Inc.   "Bringing Families Together"

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I. The manager on duty reserves the right to have the final say on decisions regarding the general rules of Sherwood Hills Swim Club.


2. The rules governing the operation of Sherwood Hills Swim Club and the conduct of the members and their guests are published for the information and guidance of all concerned.


3. Each member bringing a guest must sign in for himself and guest at the bathhouse. The guest must leave with the member.


4. All members are expected to comply with pool safety rules at all times.


5. If a pool member/guest causes damages or behaves in an unsafe manner, the manager on duty will suspend pool privileges for that day. Parents will also be notified if member/guest is under age.


6. If a pool member/guest causes damage to the facility, repairs and/or suspension from the pool is required.


7. Recurring infractions of pool rules will result in a three-day suspension. Parent of suspended children will be notified immediately. A meeting with the manager on duty, board member, child/children, and their parents need to occur prior to returning to the pool.


8. Animals are not permitted on the premises at any time (excluded service animals).


9. Sherwood Hills Swim Club will not be responsible for any accident, which might befall any person while using the facilities of the club.


10. The club assumes no responsibility for loss of personal items, nor the damage of personal items. 






1. No one is allowed to stay in the Guard Office, except lifeguards and management on duty. Children are not permitted to remove items for the guardhouse shelves without lifeguards approval.


2. The refrigerator in the guardhouse is for lifeguard use and for Board use and entertainment activities when required.


3. No children under 13 years of age (by Memorial Day) will be allowed to enter the pool without being accompanied by an adult or a person over the age of 15. The older person will be responsible for that child. Children 13 years or older may use the pool and facilities on their own, but IF they are watching or responsible for other children, they must be 15
years of age or older. The manager/assistant manager reserves the right to have the final say on a case by case basis.


4. All picnic tables are used first come, first served basis unless reserved in advance for party rentals and agreed upon by a manager/lifeguard.


5. Grills may be used for $3.00 by reservation or on a first come, first served basis.


6. Members whose checks are returned, will be charged a $30.00 fee (to include pavilion/party rentals).


7. Members using the facilities or renting pavilions and/or barn for party rentals are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.




1. The lifeguards and manager on duty are responsible for enforcing all rules posted at the pool. All Major infractions will be brought before the Board.


2. The pool will be closed during storms and reopened at the discretion of the management. Pool must be cleared for a time of 30 minutes when thunder is heard.

Time must be measured from the last sound of thunder. The cement deck must be cleared for a time 30 minutes after the sight of lightning.


Time must be measured from the last sight of lightning. Swim Meets may have more restrictive adverse weather restrictions.


3. The diving well may be used as free swim for the first 15 minutes after adult swim.

4. Lap lanes are to be used for lap swimming only. This will be Managers discretion based on pool occupancy.


5. Every hour for 15 minutes, there will be an ADULT SWIM for person's 18 years of age and older. Scheduled swim lessons are excluded. Children under 18 months may be taken into the pool during adult swim if they are with a parent. (Must also follow rule #13 below)


6. Children over the age of 6 are not to swim in the baby pool. Parents are responsible for their children while in the baby pool at all times. There is NO lifeguard supervision for the baby pool.


7. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to smoke on pool property. THERE IS NO SMOKING ON POOL DECK AND WOOD DECK!!! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SMOKE, PLEASE USE THE BUTT CANS ANYWHERE IN THE GRASS AREA.


8. Lifeguards will be on duty at all times during the hours of operation.


9. Anyone using the pool must be clean of dirt and sand. Showers are available. Volleyball players may also use hoses located near barn to clean sand off, as well as outdoor shower. Children playing in grassy areas or sandbox must also be clean of dirt, sand and grass prior to entering pool.


10. Running, wrestling, chicken fighting or horseplay will not be permitted in the pool area. No person shall place another person on his/her shoulders.  Diving is allowed in the Diving Well area only. *This does not apply to swim meets/practices.


11. No one with a communicable disease will be allowed in the pool.


12. All accidents, however minor, are to be reported immediately to one of the lifeguards on duty.


13. All untrained children must wear waterproof coverings over any kind of diaper with snug fitting elastic leg bands. ANY accidents or leaks must be reported immediately to lifeguard/manager on duty. If you need to purchase an appropriate swim diaper, please see lifeguard on duty.


14. General safety rules, posted in the pool area, will also be followed.


These rules are as follows:


a. No running on cement/wood deck.


b. No wrestling or horseplay in or around the pool area.


c. Profanity, loud, or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.(this includes bullying)


d. An adult must accompany any child under the age of 8 years that is using a flotation device in either pool.


e. No glass bottles, glass containers are permitted in or around the pool.


f. Floats, noodles, and balls may only be used upon    Lifeguard/Pool managers approval and MAY be limited due to high volume of activity in pool due to Reduced visibility which could compromise pool safety. This is a big safety issue and must be followed according to lifeguard/manager on duty's discretion. (THE MANAGER AT SHSC HAS COMPLETE SAY IN THE USE OF ANY AND ALL OBJECTS IN THE POOL.)


g. Diving area:

-Diving well should be clear before diving.

-One person on the diving board at one time.
Only ONE bounce on the board per dive.

-Stay off of the deep end diving rope.

-No flotation devices, goggles, masks, flippers, or loose clothing are permitted while using the diving board.


                 h. Hard balls (Footballs, volleyballs, baseballs etc.) are NOT permitted to be used in the pool or concrete decking area. These balls may be used in the grassy areas. Inflatable balls and “Squish” or “Splat” balls
permitted in the pool,  but may be restricted at certain times  based on pool occupancy.


i.    Large plastic squirt guns may not be used in the pool, or on the concrete  decking area for swimmer’s safety. These may include, but are not
limited to: Uzi type of squirt guns, long squirt sticks, torpedo type squirt guns.


j.    No cut-off jeans or jean shorts will be allowed to be used as swimwear in the pool.





1. Guest fees are as follows: $5.00 per person 3 years and older.


2. Grandparents may accompany their family as a guest without charge as long as they are accompanied by a member. Grandparent riders available for $150.00 if they wish to come to the pool on their own.


3. Out-of-area guests are welcome at the club at no charge. Out-of-area guests include people living outside of Colonial Heights, Chesterfield, Hopewell, Petersburg, and Prince George.


Guests MAY be asked to provide Driver’s License as proof of “Out-of-town” residency to lifeguard for verification.  Any guest failing to provide identification will be asked to pay the guest fee.


4. A member can hold parties when agreed upon in advance by the manager. Fees are as follows: 

    *Rental of pavilion/Barn rental/Rules/By-Laws/and Fees can be obtained from management.


5. All guests MUST leave the pool when the member leaves.

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